things on my mind

things on my mind

Hello lovelies,

I thought today that I would take the time to really sit down and write instead of just posting an outfit of the day with some added thoughts and ideas. As most of you know, environmental matters have always been extremely important to me, and as I have been more involved with clubs and programs about our earth, these issues are becoming more real and evident to me everyday. In a way, it is a bit scary to come to grips with these problems, but at the same time, learning more also makes me more passionate and want to do more.

Being immersed in the city, in the lively and urban culture, has really been making me think about things. There is a big difference between being aware of or caring for a issue and actually taking action and I am now trying to explore the part of me that wants to intervene and really push for change.

I am a big believer in the idea that every little thing counts. And it is not because one individual's actions can make huge differences, but it is the thought that a single effort can and will inspire others to also take action or at least slowly become more aware and conscious of matters around them. This is the exact ripple effect that we need to encourage people and communities to come together and make a change.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have made a pact to not buy any clothing for a year. If I really need something, I will go to a thrift or consignment store. Originally, I started this project after really feeling down about textile pollution. And it was not an act of rebellion or an exclamation that my efforts would make a great change, but as I think about it now, it is also about self-growth and experimentation. I have never been a fan of fast fashion nor have I ever subscribed to the problematic throwaway culture with clothing we have in our society nowadays, but I did participate in a lot of shopping. I would not say that I was a crazy spender, but in the end, I was still buying a pretty good amount of items fairly often all of which I believed to really need in my life. Of course no crazy outcomes will come out of this experiment of sorts, but I think I will learn a lot. I want to challenge myself and commit to this pact not only to learn about what I really need and do not need, but also to maybe influence others to lead more minimalist lives as well. I am also looking forward to really saving up my money during this time to then later on maybe purchase and treat myself to bigger and more timeless pieces. Overall, I think those items will be more worth while investments and bring more long-term satisfaction as well.

I have always said that fashion is about self-expression. But for me, in addition to expressing one's personality and mood, it can also show an individual's opinions and outlooks. And although that could be a stretch -- maybe how people choose to visually represent themselves has nothing to do with their beliefs, I do think that certain values can be conveyed through how one dresses or the manner in which that individual acts. What I am trying to get at is that I want to work towards making sure all my fashion habits also align with my sustainability values and environment conscious beliefs.

checked short sleeve coat - Behnaz Sarafpour

black ribbed tank top - Topshop // jumpsuit - Forever 21

I do have items from fast fashion brands as well, but I have made them last for years. And I have done that through caring for my clothing and only washing when truly necessary. It is not about whether you buy from these brands or not, but the important part is that you do not succumb to the same disease of buying every new product right when it comes out and letting all your old pieces either go to waste or just get thrown out.

But side note, I have really been enjoying doubling this jumpsuit as pants by bringing the top portion down and tying the fabric into a bow -- makes a super cute pair of wide leg trousers with a big bow accent.

black oxford flats - Steve Madden // pink scalloped socks - & Other Stories

Hopefully this writing piece was interesting for you guys. I have just really been wanting to be more vocal about these thoughts. Happy Thursday!