New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

Hello my lovelies,

I cannot believe that 2015 is already coming to an end. Although it seems as if we just left for our prospective universities, we already finished a busy semester and are back at home. Geoff and I definitely did not update the site with new content these past few months, but we will do better next year...

With everyone home for the holidays, Geoff, some friends, and I decided to take advantage of this rare occasion to meetup. Here's what we cooked up for a cozy lunch together before having to part ways again:

Cooking up some polenta.

Into the oven they go! Just roasting some brussel sprouts & butternut squash and baking a mix of yukon and red potatoes --Mmmm.

Marinating some cubed chicken breast pieces in yogurt, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, salt, and pepper. With no skewers and little time, we ended up frying the chicken instead of baking it, but it was still super delicious.

Lunch is served.

We hope that everyone else is having a wonderful and fun-filled time with family & friends as well.

Note from Geoff:

To all who have followed us these past few years, thank you for your loyal readership. Here at The Geoffrey, 2015 has borne witness to several large developments. From tech hiccups to our latest site relaunch, we've stayed true to our vision of delivering beautiful content in an aesthetic fashion. These past few months have been a lull, but 2016 deserves another strong push for more creative content.

Julia and I have had the pleasure of writing, curating, and editing content for you guys these past 2 years. As we approach our 3rd anniversary, I hope to not only discover more magical moments to share with the world, but also receive more feedback from you. The sporadic comments remind me why I love writing for you, so please do engage in lively discussion. Style is a result of discourse; it is not a definite concept. So, for 2016 I challenge myself to write consistently throughout the year. I also challenge you to Be active members of our community by commenting, emailing, and posting on our site and social media platforms.

Looking forward to another stylish year,
Jeffrey Hsu

Note from Julia:

2015 was quite an eventful year with moving across the country, starting university, and many other life changes. It has been lots of fun, but I have also learned so much, and cannot wait to absorb even more. This second half of the year, however, has especially been about self-discovery because of the new-found independence and responsibilities that have come with this new stage in life. I think this is really crucial though; exploring one's surroundings, new and old, is key to finding and shaping identity. As I grow and mature, I have also realized the importance of grounding myself in values and morals that I hold dear to my heart. Only with sureness and confidence in my beliefs, will I then be able to find and create meaningful friendships and relationships. So here are some of my resolutions for the new year:

  • Stay rooted to my beliefs
  • Cook more often
  • Keep up with hobbies & projects
  • Explore the city more
  • Work hard, but know when to treat myself as well -- don't be a pushover!

Here's to 2016 and many more adventures to come!