Taiwan Part Two

Taiwan Part Two

Hello Lovelies,

Day four began with walking around yong kang jie, a street with cute shops and good food. To get there, we took the MRT. Compared to subways in New York, the trains are so wide.

The main reasoning for visiting this area was actually to get lunch at this award winning lu rou fan (braised pork over rice) restaurant.

To start:

The star of the show:

black plaid boxy pants - Zara

These pants came in handy for the weather because they were super light and comfortable, but still protected me from the blazing sun.

After lunch, we went to check out hua shan, a creative park with little pop-up local shops and exhibits. We did not get to go into any of the exhibits because the lines were too long, but here's a photo of the upside down house. Apparently everything inside is also upside down.

Then, we headed to the nightmarket for some dinner and shopping.

So much good street food..

On day five, my uncle's family and my family took a day trip to Taichung. On the drive there, the clouds were so puffy and filled the sky beautifully.

First stop: sky bridge. Even though my knees were shaking the whole time, I made it across and the view was pretty sweet.

Rows and rows of tea leaves.

Then we visited Rainbow Village. The story behind this place is that of a military veteran who decided he needed to add some color to this military defendents' village. Almost all of the area is painted over and he even names the little characters he draws on the walls and doors. And, he includes little inspirational messages and thoughts. He still paints more and more everyday.

The last stop before dinner was an old castle. I do not know much of the history, but the landscape and garden were beautiful and serene.

We ended the day with some shaved ice and then dinner.

So sad that this was the last full day of Taiwan. The trip went by in the blink of an eye and there was so much more we wanted to do and see, but it was still such a lovely visit. I will always cherish the memories and time spent with family and relatives and all the good food I got to eat. And, of course we will be back. Hello to Japan in a few days!