Hello Lovelies,

As summer is winding down and classes start next week, I thought I would take a break from unpacking and get a quick post up. It is surreal that I am already back in New York, but I am so glad to be here. My roommates and I moved into our place on Saturday and have been busy with putting the place together and making our home. Today, I stepped out to mail out some zines and get groceries.

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I had a special project to reveal. And if you did not know yet, I published my own zine just last week. It is called sustenance and consists mainly of imagery and writing that aid me in exploring different themes and how those things could be or are "sustenance" in our lives. These themes do not have to be tangible objects or actual nourishment, so it is sort of a play on the literal meaning of the word -- I simply wanted to consider how certain things are necessities or sources of strength in our lives. However, the first edition is fruit, which just so happens to fall closer to the actual definition of sustenance. If you would like to purchase a zine, I still have a few left, so just contact me on this page or on twitter (@juliaywang). Shoutout to those who wrote or modeled for me, you guys are so rad!

Summers in New York are scorching and sometimes humid, so you definitely do not want to be wearing materials that will cling onto your skin when you are walking around in the heat. I threw on a thin bralette and then opted for this champagne yellow slip tucked into some shorts. It actually came with another dress, but I wear it on its own sometimes too. I really like the straight cut and the slight sheerness is nice to layer with because you can experiment with different textures and patterns showing through. Slips in general are nice to always have around because they are super versatile.

black lace bralette - PLNDR // champagne yellow slip - Isabel Marant

As of late, I have been really loving this earring combo. I usually wear a medium-sized hoop on the other side. It is fun to mix and match, and even though there are no "matching sets" per say, I think all the elements create a refined union of accessories.

On the bottom, I wore my trusty corduroy shorts that you guys have all seen before. Yes, corduroy is a thicker material, but these shorts are extremely comfortable. They are slightly a-line shaped too, so they do not cling to my thighs. For me, this makes them a great summer piece too because they are durable and give your legs some breathing space.

tan corduroy shorts - American Apparel

Lastly, I chucked on my blutchers and then was out the door. I have had these shoes for a pretty long time and they have held up pretty well. Even though the once transparent soles are now a rather dirty brown, I still think they add a cool kick to any outfit.

leather blutchers - Zara

Happy hump day!