Hello lovelies,

This post is coming out a few days late, but I have been backed up with schoolwork and other projects. Anyways, I wanted to share my outfit and just some recent thoughts. It may sound silly, but it makes me extremely happy and content when my whole outfit is second hand. Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week.

thrifted men's Jil Sander button up

I really cannot believe that it is already March and half way through the semester. But, the good news is that spring is just a few weeks away. I saw this video recently about this Japanese town that converted to a full zero waste lifestyle after realizing the consequences of the trash and pollution they were creating. Wouldn't it be great if the whole world followed in their footsteps?

thrifted lace dress/slip

It is so easy to be disheartened by all the waste that surrounds us each day, but I still believe that the little efforts matter. And although I like to encourage people to lead more environmentally-conscious lives, I know I cannot force it. What can be seriously enforced, however, is making sure people at least follow the current rules that we do have.

For example, recycling is far from an ideal situation, but it is still better than nothing. It is actually quite surprising how many people do not know how to recycle properly though. In New York, our trash is shipped out of the state and there is an allocated budget -- one that increases each year because of the growing amount of waste we produce. But even just last year, we found that 30% of our trash was recyclable and 30% was compostable. Even just from the economical standpoint, think about how many tax dollars we could be saving if we just followed the protocols that are already in place!

white leather high top converse

Everyone makes mistakes and I am always learning too. What is important though is that people are open to changing behavior when learning about news like this. And when in doubt, ask a friend or just do a google search. It may take a few extra seconds out of your day, but it makes a bigger impact for the environment and that is worth it.

Also, for those of you who have not seen my new hair: I shaved both the sides!

I also do at some point want to write something about my new apartment, but since the place is still coming together, that will come later down the line.

mugwort smudgestick, palo santo, healing stones, & a bebe singing bowl

dvořák - new world symphony

start of my plant collection