Rouge et Noir

Rouge et Noir

Hello Lovelies,

Thought I would pop in and share an outfit that I was really fancying today.

As of late, I have been gravitating towards shoes that make a statement. And, since I have been home, I have also been able to borrow and adopt some of my momma's unworn shoes. Here is a prime example: beautifully detailed flats that she has passed down to me because she has not worn them in years. I really like this pair of shoes because the embroidery is so special and they are extremely comfortable with the soft fabric and extra padding underneath.

handmade floral tie-up flats - China // black culottes - UNIQLO

With my flowy culottes and padded shoes, the whole outfit oozed a laid-back and comfortable vibe. In my book, simple is always the way to go.

black ribbed tank top - Topshop

I think have touched upon the topic of fashion and our environment in past blog posts, but it's a thought that my brain has been wrapped around for a while. And a bit ago, I made a pact to myself; I promised myself that I would not buy anymore clothes for a year. However, if I truly need some item of clothing, then I will either thrift it or buy from a consignment store.

gold twisted door knocker earrings - Need Supply Co. // pearl necklace - Jest Jewels

I want to challenge myself not only to make use of what I already have more creatively and resourcefully, but also to make a bigger commitment to my sustainability goals. Textile pollution and the throwaway culture associated with fast fashion are two issues that are quite problematic. Like myself, I bet many others have pieces in their closets that they do not really wear, but also never got around to donating. Instead of buying more clothes and letting those items add up, I want to try to incorporate the entirety of my wardrobe more inclusively. Even if my style has changed, if I liked it before, I am sure that I can find ways to re-purpose pieces or style them in new, fun ways.

However, with items I truly never wear, I will donate. This will allow me to gradually cleanse my closet and work towards a more minimalist lifestyle. And in the future, rather than buying cheap clothing that will only wear out after several washes, I want make meaningful investments into higher quality pieces that will last longer and be more precious to me.

Some people have asked: "but how will you stay trendy or survive with so little?" For me, it is not really about being trendy, but more about expressing myself. I wear what I wear because it reflects and represents my personality or maybe even mood/outlook of the day and because it makes me happy. It seems more worthwhile for me to be moving towards refining my style and eventually saving money to purchase timeless pieces, rather than buying higher quantities of lower quality items.

Anyways, enough of this rambling. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and rest of the week!