Hello lovelies,

Hope everyone's having a wonderful week. I love that it is starting to get colder in the city because sweater weather! I thrifted this black cashmere sweater several years ago and it has always been a favorite because it is so comfortable and easy to pair. You cannot see in the photo but it actually has a v-neck line on the front and the back, which I think makes it a little more unique. Plus, there are two super cute pockets in the front.

black cashmere sweater - thrifted // gold skull ring - Gogo Philip

Oh gingham, such a classic and fun pattern. I really like these pants because they are a wide-leg cut and are not too long, leaving room to expose your ankles, socks, and shoes. They are a rather thin fabric though, so I have to wear them while I still can.

Sidenote: I was going to retake this photo after realizing I was in my apartment and still wearing my slippers, but I really liked the blurred effect of the pants. It captures the quick movement of the fabric and looks almost like a glitch. Plus, you guys know me and my hang-up on cute things, so I had no reason to hide the slippers. The brand is craftholic, if anyone is interested in looking into some of their stuff too.

black checked pants - Zara // camo bear slippers - department store in Japan

I find myself gravitating towards these oxfords as of late because they are so easy to throw on and they also double as my rain shoes. Although not technically waterproof, they are one of the only pair of shoes that I own that will not soak through if wet. And, I get to play around with showing different sock patterns and textures when I wear them.

Speaking of socks, however, one challenge I have encountered with my no buying clothes pact is with socks. They get worn out a lot faster because I wear them daily and need to wash so often. I sew and repair all of the small holes here and there, but when the fabric is just too stretched out and ripped, I will eventually have to throw them out. Also, I am not sure how comfortable I feel about thrifting socks, but we will see because for now I am okay with what I have. I might have to buy some socks later on though especially in the winter when it starts snowing and getting really chilly.

black oxford flats - Steve Madden // rose ribbed socks - Taiwan night market

Another thing that not buying clothes has made me more conscious of is the care of my clothing. I have always been pretty good about minimizing my need to wash things, but now more than ever, I find myself also taking extra care to not get any of my pieces dirty or scratched on other things. I am pretty clumsy so my shoes usually get scuffed up pretty easily and I often find thread pulls in my clothing, but actively trying to be careful is a good first step because being more protective of my clothing will increase their respective life spans. I think something we all take for granted is the availability and access to clothing. Part of the reason we have a throwaway culture associated with fast fashion is because clothing is now so cheap it becomes dispensable, but I want to motivate others to go against that thought. We should be taking the utmost care of anything we purchase, no matter the price, so we can maximize its functionality and use it through its full life cycle.

And, this is also a lesson about better observancy and attention in general, not just with clothing. Overall, this is super exciting to me because although faced with different problems every now and then, I feel as if I am already learning and growing a lot, not only in my thinking but also with my personal behavior too. I think there is a great deal of lateral learning that I can apply to all different aspects in my life whether that be in school, at work, or in my social life. And as always, thinking through and becoming more aware of the complications within environmental matters only makes me want to surround myself with more like-minded people. I want to envelop myself in a space where I can be inspired by and also inspire others to be more conscious, thoughtful, and encourage change in our communities.

Anyways, happy Tuesday and hope everyone has a spooky and fun-filled Halloween weekend!