the geoffrey reunites

the geoffrey reunites

Hello lovelies,

This past weekend, Geoff and some friends from high school were visiting New York. We had a yummy brunch reunion and it was such a lovely get together. Here are some photos of the delicious food we munched on at The Upsider:

As our fourth year comes up, it is time to rethink and revisit our goals. Geoff and I have both acknowledged that we have always had high hopes for our blog, but have not quite invested the time and energy to move towards those dreams. This year, we want to really commit to being more consistent with our posting. Taking our busy schedules into account though, we are going to try to post once a month at minimum, but hopefully more. Although the weekend short-lived, reminiscing on how far the blog has come and just spending time with Geoff was so nice.

Here is a silly photo of Geoff & me

Earlier this morning, I watched the Minimalism documentary and I highly recommend it to everyone. I think most times when people hear minimalism, they think that it calls for radical change and sacrificing a lot, but it really is not that severe. What minimalism is actually asking people to do is to reevaluate their lives and to live more deliberately -- to only keep objects that actually add value and joy to their lives. Everyone knows the saying there is beauty in simplicity and that is exactly what minimalism tries to teach. If we live a simpler, less cluttered life, we can then focus on what will actually bring us happiness.

This is a perfect segue for me to update you all on my no buying clothes challenge. Although this is just with clothing, it has taught me a great deal about how minimalism can fit into my life because what I learn carries over to all other aspects in my personal life. Besides some socks, underwear, and a pair of shoes, I have really not bought any clothing. And honestly, I feel great. Of course there are clothes that I see and want from time to time and can definitely imagine myself wearing often, but do I really need them? We live in such a fast-paced world that most of us make decisions too quickly and we end up with houses and apartments full of items that maybe we do not even use or remember buying. And swayed by advertising, many people have come to believe that once an item is out of trend, it becomes disposable, instead of when the item actually becomes worn out or unable to use. Instead of buying carelessly and then throwing out, we should treat everything we buy as an investment; an investment towards our happiness. Would it not be better if every object we possessed was meaningful? In my closet, I would rather have a smaller selection of higher quality items that were all my favorites than a plethora of clothing that I kind of like. Yeah, I could figure out ways to wear them, but what is the point?

I think abstaining from buying clothes completely has helped me become a more considerate shopper. I used to operate on a system where if I wanted to buy something, I had to be able to think of three outfits I could wear that piece in immediately. And while this method is helpful, if one is creative, they could probably come up with many outfits easily. Now, however, I feel like whenever making any purchase I contemplate truly what impact that object can and will have on me if I decide to buy it; if it will add value to my life, then great, but if not, I can live without it. I truly believe that we can all be more conscious consumers, and it just takes a little extra effort.

This all goes back to the environment for me. Not only does living more like a minimalist allow one to focus more on their self-happiness and growth, but it puts other matters into consideration as well. Our market now and spending habits do not yield a sustainable future. People always say they want to travel and see beautiful sights, but if we do not protect our earth, we are only contributing in destroying those wonderful landmarks and environments. We should be joining together to find ways to preserve and take care of our earth.

Lastly, I will leave you all with one of my favorite quotes as something to ponder on:

"Every single one of us makes an impact on the planet every single day, and we get to choose what sort of impact that is."

-- Jane Goodall

Cheers & happy Sunday,