Hello lovelies,

"Every single one of us makes an impact on the planet every single day, and we get to choose what sort of impact that is." Jane Goodall said this and it has resonated with me ever since I came across the quote.

burgundy wool beret - Brick Lane Market // glasses - Silhouette

I have no doubt that the average person wants to have a good impact on the Earth, but I think we simply get a little lost in the process. We live in an age of advancing technology, convenience, and distraction and we either do not associate ourselves with or think about the consequences of our actions. This is because the repercussions are not inflicted upon us and because the effects are so far away that it is hard for us to connect.

white vertical ribbed shirt - A.P.C // navy coat - Lacoste // handmade earrings - New York flea market

One of my professors said something in class the other day that made everyone chuckle. He said something along the lines of "your second and third term of undergrad is going to consist of thoughts and ideas you just really seem confused about. That's just the truth and unfortunately I can't help you with that. I can introduce new ways of thinking, but ultimately it's something we all work through." And this is so completely true. He was speaking in a more academic sense, but I think we all experience this throughout life as well -- we are all just trying to figure things out. Yes, in the simplest form of survival, but also in more complex ways, such as thinking about our role in society and what that means for us or notions of happiness and how to achieve that in current states.

grey textured skirt - Ganni // vintage sagittarius ring - Chelsea Market // gold J ring - American Apparel

For me, a good chunk of the content I spend trying to make sense of involves the environment and sustainability, fashion, food, and the implications of actions we take involving all of these topics within our environments and power structures. I also struggle with ideas of how I can spread these topics or encourage others to question more carefully how exactly their behaviors affect the people around them and the world.

diy snack with self popped corn & homemade roasted almonds, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds -- this is packed in a icecream tub that I kept to reuse as tupperware

Maybe there will never be a solid answer, but as I grow, work through my own thoughts, and come to new understandings, I think it is extremely special to share that journey with other people. And through that process, I can hopefully learn from others as well as have conversations with more individuals about their passions and reflections. It will take communities coming together in order to inspire and motive change.

California ribbed socks - Brandy Melville // black heels - COS

I also wanted to share some highlights from previous weeks of exploring:

David Shrigley prints at Sketch Afternoon Tea accompanied by pink velvet upholstery everywhere!

the puffiest of clouds seen from the top of a tower in Oxford

kitty that followed me home - Interestingly enough, four different kitties followed me home on different days. I must really be a mouse!

London Design Festival 2017 // Design Frontiers

cute flowers at the farmer's market - I try to go to farmer's markets so I can get produce not wrapped in plastic and support local businesses

I have also enjoyed learning the various English sayings from locals and new friends. Here are some fun ones:

ta! - thanks, thank you
wotcha - what's up?
argy-bargy - argument
chuffed - pleased
corker - someone/something outstanding
tosh - nonsense

Definitely going to start incorporating some of these into my word-stock.

P.S. I was playing around with editing and ended up making this postcard like image. I thought it was funny!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.