Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Hello Lovelies,

Thought I would put up another one of these ootds in detail. With Fall fast approaching, it is definitely starting to cool down in the city. As I got ready in the morning, the chills I was about to face when walking to my 8am was all that was on my mind. So, I chucked on this pink sweater because it was just enough to keep me warm but not overheat me in class. Also, I have been really drawn to silver jewelry and hardware for some reason.

light pink sweater // Tiffany - return to tiffany engraved bracelet // sterling silver bracelet - gift // braided silver ring - gift

I have never really been a jeans (or pants in general) person, but I love these skinnies to death. They are supremely comfortable and quite flattering. Yipee for Rag & Bone!

Rag & Bone - black high rise jeans

Recently, I have been gravitating towards these flats. I love the way they look and they are lovely walking shoes. As I trek to classes or just go adventuring through New York, these pairs have got my back. Plus, they add an effortless cool look to every outfit.

Steve Madden - danyta oxford flats