Cover Photo Courtesy: Patrik Ervell

Are dark colors bringing you down? Does black clothing make you squirm in your seat? If this sounds like you, we may have a solution. Welcome to the world of palewave. Say goodbye to the days of rigid denim and welcome in a new dawn of light-wash.

Photo Courtesy: Reddit user thisisthetheodore

Palewave is a relatively new style defined by the clothing’s loose fit and narrow color palette. Light-wash jeans and plain white sneakers are must have items in any palewave wardrobe. The color palette rarely ventures beyond light blue and beige; one would not find black in a palewave closet, as it would generally be substituted with navy.

Palewave has been gaining traction since late 2014 and has quickly become an easily recognizable style. It began as a reaction to the fashion world’s fixation with a black and white aesthetic, and instead delivers a loose, carefree look that harks back to the relaxed style of the early 90s. This recent trend represents the lighthearted side of fashion, allowing our eyes a break from the constant barrage of dark grays and blacks.

Photo Courtesy: Dana Lee

Popular brands that cater towards this palewave aesthetic include Dana Lee, Norse Projects, Acne Studios, and Our Legacy—pair with light wash jeans from Levis or Patrik Ervell.