First Friday

First Friday

Hello Lovelies,

It has definitely been a fun-packed and exciting summer, but it has also been busy with work, saying farewells, and moving into university. (No excuse for my sad neglect of the blog) And although this transition is far from over, I am going to start trying to post regularly again! Be ready to read and see into my growths, insights, and inspirations in my new home, the grand city of New York.

Classes started on Wednesday, and I cannot believe it is already the end of the week. I only had 1 class today, but dressing for comfort was still the priority -- as it is for everyday.

UO Urban Renewal plain white tee

Topshop pleather skirt

With a chance of showers in the forecast, today's weather was iffy. Nevertheless, I knew it was still going to be hot. Unexpectedly, it was rather windy, so I was thankful for my fitted skirt that stayed in place.

Zara blutchers and Topshop striped socks

These blutchers have been a go-to shoe for me because they are comfortable and match almost every outfit. I have been walking so much though that they have picked up quite a lot of dirt..

Nasty Gal pearl clip

This clip has been and always will be a staple accessory piece because I love the effortless delicate feel it adds. Plus, it keeps my hair in place and out of my face.

Stay tuned for a post about the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "China: Through the Looking Glass" exhibit. My friend N and I stopped by after class and there is so much I want to share.