OOTD in Detail

OOTD in Detail

Hello Lovelies,

I thought I’d do something different for my outfit of the day post. As I thought about my unfinished Subtle Jewels series, I got inspiration for a more concentrated post. Here is an OOTD in detail.

Sterling Silver Bracelet – Gift from Sister (http://www.wideeyeswise.com/)

Starting with the accessories, this is my delicate sterling silver bracelet that my older sister got me as a graduation gift. I love the dainty feel and the way it sits on my wrist. I’ve been sporting a Fitbit nowadays too, and I think this piece of jewelry adds an elegant touch to the bare, rectangular watch.

Green Baseball Tee – American Apparel, Pearl Necklace – Jest Jewels

My green baseball tee always comes in handy on relaxed errand-running type days. This was one of those days, and I needed to be comfortable and in and out of the house easily.

Denim fringe skirt – Urban Outfitters

To add some flare to the outfit, I paired my relaxed tee with this denim fringe skirt. I really like this skirt because it is unique and you actually get to see all the individual threads that go into making the denim.

Cutout Booties - & Other Stories

Favorite cutout booties is all I have to say. They’re easy, stylish, and flattering—perfect for an on-the-run day.