No. 2

No. 2

Hello lovelies,

These past few weeks have been super busy with finals, moving, and work, but I thought I would get a post out because I have some exciting news. First off, just a few weeks ago, I successfully moved into my new place for the summer.

Here are some little snapshots of the room:

books by the windowsill

bangs & my exposed brick wall

mice, dried rose, succulent, & earl grey candle

Additionally, my year of not buying clothes has officially come to an end! I lot of people have asked me how I feel or if I feel any different, but honestly not really. I have learned a great deal about my own shopping habits though and hopefully my actions also influenced friends or acquaintances to take pause when making purchasing decisions. I think this kind of restraint is the first step to realizing, but also resisting the grips of consumerism and impulse buying.

Meet no.2, the second of two garments I bought after my year ended: (The first was a thrifted Jil Sander shirt)

I really like this COS navy button up because even though it is a bit wrinkly in these photos, it is crisp and has big pockets. The length of it is cropped too so it's nice to pair with mid rise or high-waisted pants. I always need pockets because I like to keep at least my lip balm and reusable napkin on me at all times, but now I can even fit a book!

polka dot socks - Taiwan night market // black checked pants - Zara // white velcro trainers - Veja

I was running errands for internship and look how windy it was; New York weather is so unpredictable sometimes.

dangly star earrings

I like these earrings because I can play with the length. After losing the back of one pair, I usually wear one normally and then the other one pulled half way through, which adds a playful little touch.

And P.S. new tattoo too:

recycled gold necklace - Winden Jewelry

It is backwards so may be a little hard to read, but the lettering is "silverly rare goldenly so," which is one of my favorite E.E. Cummings quotes. I got this on Earth Day as an hommage to our beautiful planet. For me, most things I reflect on are ultimately about how we impact our earth. Every little thing does count so even if one person uses one less napkin, buys that reusable water bottle, or stops using plastic straws, we are progressing. And although matters are more complicated and much more needs to be done, at least at the consumer level, we should be doing as much as we can to conserve and protect our planet. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.