Photo Courtesy: Molly S.J. Lowe

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Here's a first: writing about menswear. I recently watched the full fashion show on YouTube, and instantly knew that I wanted to dedicate a post to the new Marni collection. I love the work that Castiglioni did for this set because she really portrayed her brand tastefully. All the pieces are classic and represent that Marni cool that we adore.

Photo Courtesy: Guillaume Roujas

Photo Courtesy: Guillaume Roujas

Photo Courtesy: Guillaume Roujas

The attention to detail in this collection is very intriguing. A few minutes into the video, my thought was that everything was calculated and immensely purposeful. The collars are a statement in themselves because of the sharper and more angled look. I think the clear, crisp lines are so fresh and love the way they are juxtaposed with color blocking or different textures; giving the outfits more edge.

Photo Courtesy: Guillaume Roujas

Photo Courtesy: Guillaume Roujas

The color palette is also quite fascinating. These earthy, summer colors are not what I would normally expect for a Spring/Summer collection, but they totally work. The somewhat mellow colors add a relaxed quality to the effortless coolness and sophistication.

Photo Courtesy: Guillame Roujas

Marni is all about making statements, but in this collection, the stand out features are subtle and nuanced. Like the collars, mentioned earlier, and the shoes. Both the patterned sandals and modern sneakers pop out because of their uniqueness. The sporty chic vibe is definitely present with the contrast of interesting footwear and more refined pieces of clothing.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this collection. I was impressed with the complexities of the small details and happy to see hints of typical Marni elements.


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