Japan Part Two

Japan Part Two

Hello Lovelies,

Day three started off with trying to get to philosopher's path, a path that philosopher Nishida Kitaro used walk everyday and meditate on. Although the walk only takes about thirty minutes to finish, there are a bunch of cute little shops, temples, and shrines along the way, so we ended up spending several hours there.

And what a view from this temple.

Snack break!

Bears fishing along the path, haha.

Super adorable local paper & stationary shop.

I was really obsessed with this random modern-looking house we came across on the path. Love the simplicity.

Another quick snack -- our trick to staying cool was stopping to sit down and eat every once and awhile, so not only could we rest our feet, but also relax with some ac.

Mouse shrine, ahh! Too good to be true. And, the mouse brings you luck and fortune in money and wealth.

Caught this cute old man, coming out of the mouse shrine to take a stroll.

We ended the night with dinner at a three-star michelin restaurant for my parents' wedding anniversary. Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama is a traditional kaiseki restaurant.

Here's the dinner lineup:

So grateful to have experienced such a special meal. All the dishes were refreshing and filled with so many flavors.

What an eventful day. Part three coming soon!