I Hydrate

I Hydrate

As many of you already know (or will shortly discover), college is a transformative time. Not only do you learn to think critically about even the most mundane notions, you begin feel the effects of stress and aging. Sure, your early 20s are still in the period considered "youthful," but there are steps you have to take in order to feel in tip-top shape.

Many of us can agree that coffee (or any other caffeinated drink) has become a necessary daily supplement. But, many people do not drink enough water to offset diuretic effect of caffeine. Everyday, I carry my liter-sized Nalgene water bottle. Having a refillable bottle not only saves the environment from more plastic, but also reminds you to take a break from whatever you're doing and top off your bottle with more water. On average, I drink about three whole liters of water per day.

My Nalgene isn't the prettiest bottle in town, but it is super durable and has withstood my dropping it on concrete sidewalks and down flights of stairs. There are many more aesthetically pleasing options such as glass and stainless steel bottles, but I have broken and dented too many of those to make them a viable option.

Beyond drinking water, I've noticed that my skin has become quite sensitive to variations in humidity in temperature. The best way to ward off acne and prevent premature aging is to keep your skin hydrated (day + night) and keep it protected from the sun. At night, I use Crème de la Mer—a pricey but well loved product—alternately with Clé de Peau Beauté Intensive Fortifying Cream. Both of these products are extremely effective during long flights as well. I tend to dry out during long-haul flights so I put on just a dab of moisturizer before the flight.

During the day, I don't like my face to feel too oily so I use a lightweight oil-free moisturizer from the drugstore along with Clé de Peau Beauté Protective Fortifying Cream (SPF 22). Yes, these products are pricey (minus the drugstore moisturizer), but they are well worth the investment. Find a product at a price point with which you are comfortable and test it.

And now that the brutal Chicago winter conditions are slowly subsiding, I will be definitely be using more sunscreen. Let's hope the sun is here to stay. If you aren't already hydrating inside and out, then get started ASAP!

Tip: drink half a Nalgene bottle's worth of water if you are inebriated to keep the hangover far far away. Hangovers are just cases of extreme dehydration, so give your body extra water if you decide to have some fun.