Hey BB no. 2

Hey BB no. 2

Hello lovelies,

Here is the second installment of Hey BB! Hey BB (best bud) is a series, where I highlight and interview some of my closest friends and loved ones. Inspiration can be found everywhere in daily life and so through documenting a bit of my friends' lives, hopefully, I can capture life and beauty through their eyes. My goal is to create a space that unearths a fresh perspective or helps us learn about some cool things we might not have expected.

Meet my boss mama, Joyce Tang! Joyce and I are the same major at university and met through a mutual friend. Although before we became closer friends, I had already knew and recognized her through some intro classes and to be totally honest was friend and style crushing on her.

Julia: Okay, so can you tell me a bit about your radio show?

Joyce: Haha, it's so cheesy. My radio show is called Smart Moves for the Stiff Mind and I currently play a lot of post-punk, industrial EDM, synth heavy sounds, electro as well.

Julia: And how did you get into DJing?

Joyce: Umm, it was honestly just me applying to have my own radio show Freshman year on WNYU. You know, I just started off playing songs off of my computer or burning to CDs, but then I noticed that other radio hosts used CDJs or the turntables at the radio station and so I decided yo, I should utilize CDJs just so I could have much nicer transitions in between songs.

vintage shopping w/ joycie

Julia: Are there any favorite artists or bands you've been listening to as of late?

Joyce: No, haha -- I'm trying to think. Well, no favorites because there are too many, but I have been listening for like the past few months, I've been getting really into electro. So like power electronics, guitar sounds, you know.

Julia: What's your morning routine?

Joyce: Ooh, morning routine? Well, for the past month, because my new apartment doesn't have any curtains or blinds, I'm easily woken by the sun and had to buy an eye mask. And, I wake up around 9:30 clockwork each day. I don't even set an alarm, but for some reason I just wake up at that time. I don't know if that has anything to do with the sun, maybe that's when my apartment is at its brightest, but I have an eye mask so not sure. I used to be able to sleep in until 12, but I can't do that anymore. Then I do some little stretches in bed because that is supposed to be good for you. Go to my bathroom sink, fill it up with some water, drink that cup of water, brush my teeth, check my emails -- I love checking my emails. Actually, I probably start checking my emails in bed after I stretch. I check the weather too because it heavily dictates what I'm gonna wear that day. Then I get dressed and leave my apartment.

sleepy bodega kitty we passed

Julia: Do you have any specific fashion inspirations like people you follow, art, or other things you see? Or how do you go about your style?

Joyce: I think honestly when I do buy something or see something I like, I wanna think about whether or not I could wear it a few years from now, like five years from now. So I think that's why a lot of my pieces lean more towards the simple, plain, and not too loud. I love my black colored, grey colored, navy blue colored clothes. I would definitely say I wear darker clothing not because of the whole everyone in New York wears black, but genuinely because I am very messy and so my clothes get easily stained. You will never see me wearing anything white -- huge no no. Like you wearing that beige, it's scary.

Julia: I mean I have a huge stain down the front of it, haha.

Joyce: Exactly, point being! That's why I'm drawn to darker clothing. I also try to think about the quality of the piece. If I am going to buy something I would rather spend a little more, invest in it, and wear it a little longer and so with that in mind if I want to wear it a little longer, I don't want it to be too trendy or in the moment. So, I tend to go for more classic styles and structures. I also definitely try to avoid fast fashion. I used to be mesmerized by that stuff like Topshop and Zara back when I was living in my suburban neighborhood, but now I just try to avoid like the plague. I would say I really like Japanese and Scandinavian style or just loose-fitting and flowy clothes.

vinyl and pocket details!

Julia: Any favorite stores?

Joyce: Honestly, I do love those little boutiques and gems you find in Manhattan. Duo, in the East village is great or Frankie in Lower East Side. Beacon's Closet is a good one and Buffalo Exchange. Also with online shopping too, I started putting up clothes to sell on Poshmark three years ago and so I'll definitely browse Poshmark because you can find some great things there too.

Julia: And is that sort of similar to Depop and those other apps/websites right now that you can interact with other sellers and also sell your own things?

Joyce: Yes, exactly yes. I think Depop definitely has a larger user base? But I'm pretty sure Poshmark came before Depop. It's like an Instagram for selling clothes. But overall local, vintage, and independent stores are definitely my priority because you can find more unique pieces or if they're vintage, then you know that they are to an extent pretty good quality if it's a piece that's still able to hang on those little racks.

extremely classic homey diner food near our apartments

Julia: Are you a savory or a sweets person?

Joyce: Ugh, I'm such a strong proponent for both.

Julia: I know you're a snack girl, haha.

Joyce: Yeees, always down to snack and always down to eat. I will never say no to an invitation to eat. I think what I've noticed though is that my skin tolerates sweets better than it does savory foods. I mean I love, love ice-cream or gelato, but none of that soft-serve or fro-yo bullshit because that's not ice-cream.

Julia: Do you have a favorite flavor?

Joyce: I think a very classic flavor of mine that I always get is coffee. Coffee is classic. Easy. No surprises. So I'll usually go with that. I never really get the basic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, that's just basic. I'm sorry, branch out a little, haha. Savory foods.. I love me some chips. I love apple chips.

Julia: That's like a little bit of both.

Joyce: Exactly! But it can't be any apple chip either, it's gotta be the perfect one. Some are too soft, others just taste all bad and medicinal. But I do love apple chips, the best of both worlds. I also love cheetos, cheeto puffs, hot cheetos, hot cheeto fries, and I've been getting more into cheddar ruffles, rediscovering them. Love peanut m&ms, love twix, and yes because my skin doesn't do as well with savory foods as it does with sweet foods, like savory meaning unhealthy fried savory, so I lean more towards the sweets: ice-cream and candy. Like sausage and syrup, best of both worlds too!

Julia: If you had to go to a potluck, what would you bring?

Joyce: Honestly, I usually supply all the snacks like chips and ice-cream because I also can't cook, like I really cannot cook. So it has to be pre-made or preservatives or chips. Always bringing the chips.

Julia: How do you feel about social media?

Joyce: Mmm, I think everyone has this feeling where we hate it, but we can't get off it. I don't know, but I wouldn't say I'm on that many social medias. For the ones that I'm on though, I spend too much time -- more time than I should on them. I don't have a Twitter, don't have a Snapchat, don't have a Tumblr, I just stay to my Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn. I spend most of my time on Instagram, although now that you find out about events through Facebook, and now that so many news sources pop up on Facebook, I feel like I am more interested in what Facebook displays on my newsfeed nowadays compared to high school or the beginning of college. It's unfortunately my source of current events. For Instagram, I'm not that active, but I might deactivate. No one cares what I post, I don't know if I really care what other people post.

Julia: Do you have any favorite quotes or sayings that you live by?

Joyce: I mean, I don't know I just always say this: You gotta treat yourself. You'll know where to draw the line, but for the most part if you're not hurting anyone, treat yourself.

Julia: Do you like L.A. or New York better? Or I guess also where in L.A. are you from for some context?

Joyce: So I'm from the outskirts of L.A., L.A. County. People don't realize that L.A. is huge, but L.A. County is massive too. It's a very polarizing question. Everyone says they're both very different, and that's true they're both great and horrible in their own ways. I appreciate both, but after leaving L.A. and living in New York where I feel like I know New York enough, having been here three years, I've learned to appreciate things that I never did when I was living in L.A. And I'm starting to see things that I hate in New York, that I didn't notice when I first got here. I think I know I'm not gonna live in New York forever, definitely not gonna settle down here. I'll probably end up going back to L.A. I don't know though, might be soon, but who knows. Sad to say, but I am tired of New York and it's tired of me, so maybe it's time to go back to L.A.

Julia: And we sort of talked about this before the interview, but living abroad, do you see that as something that's possible or viable in the near future?

Joyce: I definitely think it's doable and possible. Whether or not it's going to be easy, I'm not so sure and affects that decision. I think the longer you wait, the harder it's going to be and the less likely it's going to happen because you know, the longer you stay somewhere, the more you are establishing yourself there. And since most of your relationships will be there, you get comfortable because of all the networks and connections. So, I think that if I were to move I should do it ASAP, but I feel fine and comfortable in New York. Is that worth leaving for something that I would would challenge me? But, it would be something new and exciting, so we'll see.

Julia: Okay, well those were all my questions, haha.

Joyce: Thank you, Julia.

Julia: Thanks for answering them!

Thanks for tuning in and happy almost August friends!