Hey BB no.1

Hey BB no.1

Hello lovelies,

Here is the first post of a new series I am putting out on the Geoffrey called Hey BB (best bud), where I highlight and interview some of my closest friends and loved ones. Inspiration is found everywhere in daily life and so through documenting a bit of my friends' lives, hopefully, we can see life and beauty through their eyes. My goal is to create a space that reveals a fresh perspective or helps us learn about some cool things we might not have expected.

All of my friends and cherished ones are the people that constantly support me, fill me with joy, and inspire my creative side. So, this way of story telling will hopefully shed light onto their passions and how they view and perceive the world.

For the first Hey BB, I will be featuring my dear Lily.

Lily Wu is one of my best friends and a cool cat from the U.K., so imagine a British accent while you read her part. We met during a Mandarin class our first year of university and have been best buds ever since.

J: Do you have a favorite book?

L: No, I don't think I do actually, but um, I have books that I reread. I've reread "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt like so many times and if someone hasn't read it I'm like you should read it, you should read it! Here are my five copies!

J: What is it about?

L: It's really really interesting. It's about this boy who doesn't know what he wants to do, so he gets into university and is going around trying all these subjects out and he becomes enamored with these, I think, 5 kids in the classics department. And, um they're super super weird and a tight community that doesn't let outsiders in, but he gets in. The story revolves around how they commit murder and stuff, it's so good. It's so good.

J: What is your morning routine?

L: Wow, that's such a different question. Mm, morning routine.. So, 2018 Lily does yoga.

J: Oooh

L: I know! Last semester I was pretty pleased with myself because I found this place that if you're new to it, $40 for unlimited for 2 weeks. So I literally went 5 times a week. And it was so good. It's funny because when I was little I thought no one exercised -- I just thought they were given bodies like that. And it was only until a couple years ago that I realized all my friends exercise, they just don't talk about it!

J: Yeah, haha, teach me the ways!!

L: You shitheads you never told me, haha. Starting when I'm 22 is just ridiculous. But yeah, 2018 Lily woke up this morning at 5 because of jetlag and then I went to yoga at 7:45 and then I came back and made some green tea. I took a cod liver oil.

J: Ooh

L: I know, I'm also literally an old person. It's for my cartilage -- I have brittle bones. And then I took a probiotic, you know healthy bowel movements.

J: That's good, haha.

L: And then I took a shower, washed my face, put deodorant on, got dressed, put my make up on. I think that's it. Oh, and then I walked to class because 2018 Lily also walks places instead of taking the bus.

we get our pearl milk tea in mason jars and use our reusable glass tapioca straws, lily gives a thumbs up for this behavior

J: Tell me about your current knitting adventures.

L: Oh no way! How'd you remember? Oh my goodness, I have so many photos to show you. I made a bonnet and I got a bit annoyed with it because every single time I get to the end of a knitting project, I look back at the beginning of it and realize that it's so much worse. Like I improve whilst I'm making it, but then I also think I'm the only one who sees that.

blanket Lily's working on

J: Well, it makes sense that you get better the more you do it.

L: Yeah, I just want to get to the point where there's no progression or that I'm good enough that it's always consistent. And then I learned how to crochet a couple days ago just from youtube and stuff. And for whatever reason I feel like crocheting is so much easier than knitting. It's less stressful than knitting and I don't know why because it's the same thing. But it's very enjoyable.

pho lunch date

J: Any favorite blogs you've been following as of late?

L: I mean, you know I don't have Instagram or whatever, but I find myself sometimes checking back on it, on the web. And I'll get into a loop even though I don't have an account. So I just got that skull app that blocks websites.

J: Why?

L: I don't know I feel like I have a problem.

J: With getting too distracted?

L: Yeah, I just don't want to look at stuff.

J: Have you ever thought about making a Facebook or Instagram, or just forever..

L: Yeah, forever not going to be on those apps. I haven't thought about it that much though because at the same time I feel like I'm sort of limiting myself not knowing about cool things. But then again, I feel like I would be affecting by seeing what everyone's doing all the time. It's kind of like a double edged sword. I say that because I used to read stuff like Into the Gloss or Man Repeller, but it turns out I'm not really interested in that stuff. I just read it, but then thought why am I reading this? I don't really care that much. But I do have this blog I have been reading because I've been cooking all the recipes and they always turn out amazingly well. It's called cup of jo. It's so good.

J: Oh yeah, I think I've read that one before.

L: I like the layout as well -- it's nice. It's simple and at the end of every week she does a roundup of interesting things she's read or things she finds funny. She also does interviews with friends and stuff. Ooh, look at that girl's hair.

J: Huh? Oh the orangey. Would you ever dye your hair?

L: Haha, nope I'm too lazy. That's boring, but yeah just too lazy. The thing is I feel like I never follow things through. And I remember Nicole (our other friend) told me last semester "yeah, I just want to live with my actions." She was doing a stick and poke and she said "it's kinda ugly, but ugly cute because I did it." But yeah, I want to be more spontaneous and fine with my spontaneity. I always have things I want to do, but I never follow through.

J&L singing along to the band playing in the park

ai wei wei's good fences make good neighbors

J: Have you been listening to any cool music?

L: No.

J: Haha, or what have you been listening to?

L: I actually texted Noah the other day "I need new music, I'm walking to school and have nothing to listen to." I've literally had the same music for a year now.

J: Yeah, I always keep a playlist that I continually add onto too.

L: But um, I've been listening to.. lemme see. Yellow Days, Nina Simone, Johnny Flynn, the Beatles, oh my god wait. Have you listened to their song the lyric is like I am the eggman?

J: Walrus

L: There we go. What else? Rod Stewart. I don't wanna talk about it is such a good song. Mm, Björk, Yaeji.

J: I love Yaeji! You know at her boiler room event she made everyone curry and they ate it at the event?

L: What a cool gal, I love her.

J: Samesies, I've seen her live actually.

L: Oh really? How was she? I bet she's so good.

J: Yeah, I actually didn't know her at the time, but she was really good. It was for Mark Redito's event Likido which is a dj space that puts a spotlight on women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community. That's where I discovered her.

L: I watch this dude on youtube that makes music videos for other people's music. I've forgotten his name. But I found Yaeji through him and it was passion fruit. Um, and then I listen to Sean Nicholas Savage, Blood Orange, and Kelela.

J: That's a solid list.

L: Yeah, I need new music though.

J: Hah, well those were all the questions I had, thanks.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I'm keen to create more for this series. Meep! Wishing everyone a groovy weekend.