happy summer

happy summer

Hello lovelies,

I am sure some of us were feeling in a rut the last few days maybe because of the full moon, but I am still reminiscing the beautiful long sunset from the summer solstice and looking to recharge the next few days.

views from my rooftop

My first session of classes have already come to and end and the second session starts next week -- summer is flying by as it is already almost July. But, I have thoroughly been enjoying my time here in the city, playing with friends and trying to make the most of summer break.

I thrifted this button up the other day and I love the more pointy collar and button detailing.

even the cute fly likes my new shirt

black big button midi skirt - thrifted // rushing to class

gold skull signet ring - Gogo Philip // silver floral midi stack rings - thrifted // happy knuckle

Also, geoff is in New York this summer too so we have been hanging out a lot.

food w/ geoff

pretty summer skies

I also wanted to take this time to advocate for Plastic Free July again! Every July this foundation challenges people to pledge plastic-free for the month. We already know the dangers and issues with plastic, so recycling is no longer the priority but reducing! Plastics that we only use for a couple of minutes virtually last forever and create a great deal of problems for the environment. Even if you think you do not use that much plastic imagine if you drink a coffee everyday. With 7 plastic cups and lids a week, imagine what that pile will look like after just one month, three months... And I am pretty sure that most people consume more plastic than just one coffee cup a day.

Now this does not mean that every person has to cancel out all plastic in their lives because everyone has a different lifestyle. If you are new to this, why not challenge yourself to just refuse all and any single-use disposable plastics like plastic forks, spoons, straws, to-go containers, water bottles, etc. Instead, try to bring around a reusable water bottle and other containers when you want to eat out. Or opt to eat in and use actual silverware and plates.

some of my favorite reusables

A few tips:

  • Reusable produce bags: I bought these produce bags at a holiday market and you can find many similar ones online, but if you do not want to spend money on new items, old shoe bags or jewelry bags work great for produce bags too.

  • Reusable napkins: Any small handkerchief, bandana, or t-shirt scrap will do for reusable napkins. Most of my reusable napkins are just old cloths or t-shirt scraps that I have sewn together. If you like to sew, embroider them to personalize it a bit too.

  • Mason jars: Mason jars are great for bringing to-go food and drinks. Stores are more likely to let you purchase your drinks in your own container if the cup has the liquid measurements on the side, making the mason jars perfect. I always bring my wide-mouth jar for pearl milk tea or smoothies. And, when I do not feel like carrying around a large water bottle, I will simply fill the mini mason jar with some water and pop it in my bag.

  • Reusable silverware: If you do not want to purchase a little kit like mine, I would suggest just carrying a fork or spoon from home in your bag. That is what I do sometimes as well.

  • Some of these items you will need to buy ahead of time if you do not already own similar things, but it is just a one-time purchase and there are many low-cost options. Even if you do spend a little extra money on a nicer product, again, you only need to buy it once and you will be saving money in the long term. I have collected many of these reusables over the years and apart from some glass containers being dropped, I have not needed to repurchase any products.

I already cut out most single-use disposable products, but am guilty of still buying products that contain plastic. So this July, I am pledging to cut out all non-reusable plastics. Pledge with a friend and hold each other accountable or encourage family members to try this out too. It is a great way to start conversation and start being more conscious of our behaviors and habits.

For more information visit their website.

choosetorefuse and happy summer lovelies.