happy spring

happy spring

Hello lovelies,

This outfit is actually from last week, when it was still cold and a bit snowy. But, happy spring and cheers to warmer weather now. Just this past week, my sister and her fiancé visited me in NY -- I'll show some pictures of food adventures as well.

black heattech turtleneck - UNIQLO // linen dress - FLAX // 14k recycled gold "Anna Necklace" - Winden Jewelry

I used to wear a simple pearl necklace with a thin white gold chain pretty much everyday for almost 3 years, but it broke a couple of weeks ago. Got this sweet recycled gold necklace as a replacement. It is simple and layers nicely over turtlenecks too.

Linen is your friend because it is so durable and versatile. I love layering it over turtlenecks and shirts with some pinstripe pants or culottes underneath. And actually, linen is even better for hot weather because it is an extremely breathable fabric -- looking forward to wearing this baby in the summer.

grey heattech leggings - UNIQLO // black speckled wool socks - COS // chunky boots with gold circle - ASOS

UNIQLO heattech is also your good friend. The pieces are thin, yet so warm which make them perfect for layering. These boots are one of my only pair of waterproof shoes, so rain or snow, I will pretty much be seen in these. I love the gold circle detail on them.

silver circle pin - COS // various silver hoops - Etsy

Another fun accessory is this over sized silver circle bobby pin. I think the abundance of circles and hoops throughout my outfit make an interesting and spunky mix.

Mile End

just a few pieces from Sushi on Jone's omakase

The other day, my friend and I were having a conversation about the environment and she posed an interesting question: "What is it or how is it that you came to think and care so much about the environment? There's clearly something different going on in your mind, but where is the divide and how do we get other people to pick up on it too?"

This really took me by surprise because it is something I have thought about before, but have never really sat down and tried to analyze. She was totally right though -- there is something inherently different about how I view the problem and why I have become so proactive about these kind of matters. But what is it though? I have been racking my brain, but cannot seem to come up with a concrete answer.

Is it just habit and a reluctant aspect people have to changing their routines? Or is it just that people have different priorities and decide to invest their efforts in other endeavors? In part, I feel like it must have to do with a sense of individualism that a great deal of people feel in our society, which feeds into an inherent selfishness and block to think more about the bigger picture. But at the same time, I think that it is hard for people to come to grips with the consequences of their actions because we are so far away from it. But, people need to connect the dots and see that the decisions we make actively result in the pollution and problems we increasingly see. We are the ones making the air more unsafe to breathe, the water more polluted, and by extension our food unfit to eat. What we use and throw away does not just disappear magically, it becomes toxic and harms our earth. Will this have to go until eventually, our planet will be unfit to live on? This may sound extreme, but it is way too real to brush aside. There are serious consequences for what we are doing to our earth, and it is our responsibility to not only realize, but also to do something about it.

I find it quite odd that whenever I encourage my friends to be more environmentally friendly, the response I usually get is either "Aw, you're so cute!" or "Yeah, I know.. I suck." These are not actions! I have said time and time again, but saying you care for something is a lot different than actually taking action. And, doing something about it does not mean changing your whole life. Even just using a reusable napkin, taking fewer napkins, or simply having more conscious thoughts on your mind are simple starts, but can go a long way. I do not think it is that hard to stop buying plastic water bottles or taking a bunch of napkins when eating.

I am not asking people to live how I do, it is about doing as much as one can and coming to terms with the fact that we are harming our environment. I still have lots to learn as well, and there are plenty of people doing more to work towards sustainability than I am. I just hope that instead of getting empty comments about my reusable silverware or napkins that my actions can in turn inspire others to be more environmentally conscious or at least start to be more aware of their actions and how it effects the earth.