Hello Lovelies,

I am back from yet another long hiatus, but I will be putting out content more consistently this summer. Here's an outfit of the day to kick things off.

Although last week was sweltering hot, we have truly been blessed with the beautiful weather in the bay this week. It definitely feels like summer, but isn't too hot. And, today was filled with goods. The sun was out, yet there were trees and greenery for shade, and I got to visit my sister at her college to see a screening of her final project. So enjoyable!

gold melting ring - & Other Stories

pinstripe trousers - Forever 21 // trainers - Isabel Marant

knotted top - Zara

These past few weeks, I have really got my mind wrapped around some issues, specifically about fashion, our environment, and what kind of impacts I am leaving on our Earth. As I learn more about the kind of pollution the fashion industry creates, the more I wonder about what I can do to make a change. It is quite shocking that some fast fashion brands even reveal that their products will only last ten washes. This is problematic because it encourages a throwaway culture. Clothing is so cheap and readily available that we get rid of our clothes so easily once we feel that they have worn out. But this kind of behavior is not sustainable at all. And it is not to say that we should only buy the highest quality pieces and not buy from these fast fashion brands, but maybe, we should simply be more resourceful with what we have.

And with every issue, there is no simple answer. However, I truly believe that every little effort counts and can make a difference. For instance, I doubt that we all need to wash every single item we put on after one wear. By washing less, we not only save electricity and water, but we can extend the life of our garments. And step by step, we can start reducing our and our clothing's carbon, waste, and water footprint. I'm babbling now, but hopefully this will inspire some to join me in being a little more conscious of our actions and to help and care for our Earth.