Hello lovelies,

Summer has seriously whizzed by -- I am going home next week and then going abroad for the Fall semester soon after that. Here are some moments from a little excursion day with my friend, J.

silver pinky ring - thrifted // gold J ring - American Apparel // gold skull signet ring - Gogo Philip

First stop: poke for lunch. I really liked this place because they source their fish sustainably, but when we got there I was sad to see that they packaged all of their bowls in plastic and had no "to stay" options. Even worse, I forgot to bring tupperware that day and assumed that they would have actual bowls. In times like these, you have to get creative. I asked to get my poke bowl in the mixing bowl since we were eating there and they were happy to do so!

I think in most situations we automatically go with what is given because it is simply habit and convenience, but it is so easy to just ask for alternatives. There is no harm in asking and little actions like these are how we start encouraging more environment-conscious behavior. And, in the long run, it is actually better for not only the earth, but for you and their business as well. #plasticfreejuly

sorry the photo is blurry

Then, we visited the Whitney museum to see the new Calder exhibit -- love his mobiles. That's me:

denim jacket - John Lawrence Sullivan // mouse print patch - Prints Gone Wild art fair

I love this denim jacket because it is structured, giving a nice shape whether I wear it normally or just thrown over my shoulders.

green corduroy pants - vintage Giorgio Armani // peachy pink silk scarf - COS

Easy outfit: throw on a fancy pair of pants with a white tank top and top it off with a thin scarf. I recently thrifted these green pants for only $15 because they were on sale -- secondhand is your friend! Not only do you find some really unique vintage pieces for good deals, but it is also better for the environment.

For me, thrifting can also be a fun activity if I am in an outfit rut. Go to your favorite thrift store and find a classic or crazy piece and use that as inspiration to create new outfits.

white square-toe flats - COS

Hope everyone's summers have been going well and I really hope that people reading my posts try to be more aware of their behavior and how it affects the earth. I have said it many times, but the little things do count!