Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Hello lovelies,

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful Sunday too. For me, today was just a lazy day filled with errands, but I thought I would share my outfit. I do not remember norcal summers ever being this hot, but today was in the mid/upper 90s. As I was getting ready for the day, only one factor occupied my mind: beat the heat. So, I simply put together this quick, easy, and comfortable ensemble.

black bodysuit - Gap

A body suit or leotard is always a needed basic because it is super versatile. Sometimes, I even prefer it over a tank top because since it is one piece, I do not have to worry about tucking my shirt in or anything. Plus, a body suit is also very easily dressed up or dressed down.

high-waisted corduroy shorts - American Apparel // trainers - Isabel Marant

These are one of my go-to shorts. They are so comfortable and I like the texture that corduroy adds to any outfit. And of course, I never leave the house without my trusty Marant trainers. They are pretty scuffed up, but I still love them to death.

gold loop earrings - Need Supply Co. // handkerchief - flea market in Italy

I think handkerchiefs are a great accessory because they are also quite adaptable. Usually, I will opt for a handkerchief over a bandana because since the material is a little thinner, they are easier to work with. Today, I just did a half up half down bun and tied it with this handkerchief. But, you could also tie all your hair up, tie the handkerchief around like a headband, or tie it around your neck for a pop of color.

P.S. Stay tuned for Japan and Taiwan travel diaries coming up soon! There will be lots of yummy food and more.