back to basics

back to basics

Hello lovelies,

Just a few days ago, my family and I touched town in London and then flew to Budapest -- we planned this little family trip to wrap up the summer! After a few more days in Hungary, we return to the U.K. and then I will be staying in London for the Fall semester to study abroad. Here are some snaps of what we have been doing so far:

Buda Castle Royal Palace

What I have learned so far on the trip is that in trying to lead a more zero-waste and environmentally-friendly life abroad, I will bump into new challenges. But, this is exciting because I will learn more tips and tricks to being eco-friendly more efficiently. And with the move to London, I have also realized that there is indeed always room for improvement.

cool Hungarian posters from the 20s-30s

Recently I have been thinking a great deal about the daily products I use as well and how often we buy from brands without any questions. Specifically for beauty and household products though, a lot of these companies tend to test on animals or support other nasty causes. So, I began to look into each brand I used and realized that a good deal of these companies did not align with my morals.

beautiful frescoes in the Hungarian State Opera House

After this revelation, I have decided to move on with a new method: every time I have to buy a new product I am going to investigate brands to see if I can find one that is definitely cruelty-free, but possibly vegan and better for the environment as well. I have come to a point in my life where I no longer want to let products or objects that I use harm the exact environment or animals that I love because what is the point in partaking in a lifestyle that contributes to the destruction of the world that I love. Plus, I want to find these brands that are doing more for the environment and support them! I am huge believer in voting with your dollars.

veggie stand at Szimpla Kert farmer's market -- the first ruin bar in Budapest

traditional lángos (chewy fried bread) with sour cream and cheese from the Great Market Hall

I want to challenge my friends and family to also think about this. It may take a bit more effort, but specifically for household or beauty products there are lots of alternatives that work just as well as your favorites and staples. Like with any new product, it is just about trial and error and in the end, I promise that you will feel better when you know you love a product for not only its quality, but also for the beliefs the company stands for.

cute pedestrian walk sign

I cannot wait to share more photos and experiences as I travel in London and throughout Europe. Happy hump day!