Are we generic?

Are we generic?

Hello lovelies,

As my year of not buying any clothing is almost up, I have been thinking a great deal about the implications of shopping.

5am sunrise thoughts

I am starting to think that another factor that feeds into this massive shopping addiction culture is that we are never truly satisfied with what we buy. It is the idea that there is always something that will look better, or more precisely fit better.

When we buy clothes, it is not for our body shapes and sizes -- we are buying generic ones. These are "all-encompassing" and supposed to fit everyone, but the fact of the matter is that we all have very different, unique bodies.

more pondering time as the sun comes up

One look at true timelessness would encapsulate quality essentials that fit perfectly and then pieces to play around and experiment with per season. But, the basis and foundation of the closet would be our favorite pieces that we always go back to. Ideally, these garments would last many years as well. At the same time though, it is not realistic for all people to always have custom-made and tailored pieces. So maybe it is about restricting impulse buying and being able to research, discover, and find pieces that best fit our bodies.

I'm still working towards this as most of my clothes are actually more cheap quality that I have simply worn for a long time, mending them as they wear and tear through the years. But as I move forward, I want to invest in better quality and worthwhile pieces.

In the process of not buying clothes and working retail at the same time, I have also learned a lot about my own rash desires and buying habits. From what I have discovered, impulse buys are hard to resist but usually not worth it. Whenever we would get new products, I would want a garment and think about it for even weeks, but after awhile start to not care so much anymore because either there was something else I took a liking to or realized that it did not actually fit into my wardrobe that well. With the time to really ruminate and mull over these purchasing decisions, I find myself moving towards more self control and being able to make more clear-headed choices. Instead of being driven by trends, I have a bigger picture outlook.

bangs & greenery on this beautiful spring day

Most people always say too, they end up wearing the same pieces and outfits over and over again. That says something... Those are really the only true garments you need. You will have a more meaningful closet if every piece of clothing is a favorite piece. Furthermore, you will then treat each garment with extra care.

Hopefully my case for less impulsive buys will inspire some to even just think for a few extra seconds when shopping because that is the first step.

But on a side note, the weather today was amazing -- almost even a little too hot at points. I even went out in the morning with this sweater tied around me because I thought it might get chilly (boy was I wrong). I like tying sweaters and cardigans diagonally over my chest these days.

dad's shrunken grey zip sweater - Ermenegildo Zegna // recycled gold necklace - Winden Jewelry // silver drop hoop earrings - Need Supply CO.

I love this dress detailing with the ribbing and array of buttons. A really special little black dress.

black See by ChloƩ dress - thrifted

I think the muted ruffled edges at the bottom of the dress are very elegant as well. It is also flowy and fun to walk around in.

My trusty handmade shoes always add a nice pop of color. They are also one of the closest shoes I have to sandals, so I wear them a lot when the weather warms up.

handmade floral tie-up flats - China

me in window and intern errands

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!