What a year! We've finally arrived at the end. This past year has given me plenty to think about moving forward. With a whole new political landscape here in the U.S., I've become more aware of public sentiments and the repercussions of simple 150-word statements.

Personally, 2017 has been a challenge both academically and socially. I've learned to be more accepting of less-than-ideal outcomes. The challenges put forth by college have been quite varied. I have also learned to eliminate distractions more effectively and ruthlessly. Starting with my deactivating Facebook back in October 2016, I have increasingly excised useless digital noise from my daily routine. What has resulted is a life far more grounded in direct experiences in which I can participate—a life measured in personal interactions rather than digital exchanges. I have forged new relationship with people I find most fascinating. I think 2018 will prove to be more enriching as I continue to cut ennui out.

The Geoffrey has always been one of my passion projects—a place where I can show the world my interests. This started off as a blog focused on fashion and other luxury material goods. Over the years, fellow authors including myself have altered the trajectory of this site. We have come a long way from just fashion. Sure, we still love beautiful clothes and objects, but we've become a place where we can show people how to lead rich, meaningful lives.

Julia and I have discussed at length the direction of our content and the future of economies in which we participate. As we've mentioned throughout the last couple years (most imperatively so this past year), the environment urgently requires the attention of industries most invested in consumption. With a leader that clearly refuses to acknowledge the visible anthropogenic climate change, we need to be more conscientious in our decisions. 2018 will be the year we challenge preconceptions and practices so deeply ingrained in consumption culture. I think The Geoffrey will be venturing into a new phase of research and discovery. Perhaps, a new crop of eco-conscious designers will show us a new way to live stylishly in harmony with nature. So, I will leave you with this question to ponder over the next few hours as we cross into the new year: how can we consume without harming the environment?