Hello Lovelies,

momma's Ferragamo's

I love the combination of the white and black sort of pin-checked pattern with the stripes along the heel. It's simple and elegant, yet bold and fun.

scrunchie from Taiwan nightmarket // silver hoops from UO

ITAL style linen shirt

I got this in a little boutique in Japan. Sweet pocket detailing and super comfortable. Double plus!

thrifted silver slip originally from UO

Slips are just so easy to work with and extremely versatile. Definitely another staple in my closet. They are especially handy in the summer because they are lightweight and flowy -- perfect for the hot weather.

The rest of the travel diary posts are on the way, but I also made a video diary of the whole trip. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1bPkkHYIGE

Happy Thursday & Cheers,